Shop Hop 2014 Press Release

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Shop Hop 2014

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This year, the Alexandria & District Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with GIAG (Glengarry Inter-Agency Group) has put together a new concept to promote awareness of local businesses in the Alexandria area.  The promotion called Shop Hop is derived from a Monopoly game (used in a popular fast food restaurant), and the ever-popular game of Bingo.  The concept is simple:  All registered and participating businesses help each other in promoting the local retail economy.
Here is basically how it works.  Each business is offering a prize of at least $200 in value. Businesses display their prize (or a certificate of said prize) in another participating business. Participants go to a business to get a specialized ballot to be able to win the displayed prize. They fill out a ‘skill testing’ questionnaire (ie. How many guitar picks are in this jar?) and return the ballot to the business where the prize is from.  At this business there is another prize from another business and there the same process is followed, directing the participant to yet another business to drop off their ballot. The participant or customer is therefore ‘shop hopping’ to get the chance to win various prizes.


As an added incentive, participants can win $1000 in Chamber Dollars from the A&DCoC, seasons tickets to the 2014-2015 Jr. B Glens home games and 4 tickets to this year’s presentation of ESC Le Relais ‘Café Chantant’.  All the customers have to do is get their entire game card (where the full bingo card idea comes in) stamped with customized stamps at each of the 26 participating merchants.  All together, there is over $11,000 in prize value to be won!


There is NO purchase necessary for this promotion. However, some merchant may offer enticing deals for coming in and participating.  Alain Lauzon (owner of AdLiBb music in Alexandria), the person behind this idea developed, the concept along with Anik Samson of GIAG.  Together, they were able to recruit 26 businesses as well as sponsors of the campaign that will be featured on the game card.  “This does not mean guaranteed sales “ says Lauzon “but more so that potential customers will cross the threshold of every contributing business.  This also means that bigger businesses help smaller ones in sharing exposure in the community.  It is simply a ‘win win’ situation for all.”


The game cards will be distributed locally in the Alexandria area through the ‘Ad Bag’ and will also be available at participating merchants.  “If this year’s campaign goes well, we will subsequently expand our game card distribution area.  The campaign runs from Saturday, February 1st to Friday, February 28th.  The draws will be taking place at the A&DCoC meeting on March 5th.


Complete rules and regulations can be found at on the Chamber website at:


For more information or for interview please contact Alain Lauzon at 613-525-5422 or

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