President Message

President’s Message

January 2014

I became a member of the Chamber in 2008 when I started my consulting business in Alexandria.  I made a conscious choice to return to the area to develop and grow my business.  Involvement in the Chamber varied over the first couple of years, based on availability and all considerations involved with developing and growing a new business.  I accepted the challenge of the President’s roll in 2013 with hopes to help further growth, development and cultivate an environment that is conducive to others who are starting, growing or maintaining businesses in Glengarry.  One of the significant challenges was to fill the shoes left empty by Ron Aubin, whose effort and guidance over the last many years has left the Chamber in a good position.

The World is Run by Those Who Show Up!

A quote attributed to multiple people; in Glengarry, we have a magnificent community with so much to offer residents and visitors alike!  I urge and encourage everyone to get involved in any way with any local group(s) they can.  It may be an hour a year, it may be a few hours a week, it is what you can contribute.  It can be as simple as buying from local businesses rather than making the drive to larger neighbouring centres to make purchases; or it might be attending local events regularly or even offering your time to volunteer and support local events.  It can be as simple as considering your everyday activities and deciding to alter a small habit to benefit the local community; spread your business around.  New initiatives like Shop Hop and Shift 10 are examples of Chamber of Commerce efforts to grow and reinforce the idea of supporting local.  It is astounding how a little effort from many people can add up to incredible results!

The chamber facilitates pub nights once a month for local businesses and residents to mix and mingle and share information in general.  I am constantly amazed at the range of businesses operating in the local area!  I invite all members and non members to join us for one Pub Night (to start) and I can almost guarantee you will leave with information or knowledge you did not arrive with.  The overarching goal of Pub Night is to encourage businesses to network and share information in an informal setting; you never know what kind of mutually beneficial interactions you may be part of!

We have had a fantastic year in 2013 for businesses opening and growing in the local community, a trend we very much hope to sustain going forward.  Now let’s everyone get out there and support all of our local businesses!

We will continue to cooperate with local businesses and municipalities to create opportunities for success for the community.  There is membership space available; payment options are now available on line via PayPal, thanks to our dedicated volunteers to maintain and upgrade our website monthly.

Let’s all do one little thing differently and make it better for everyone and the community!!


Michael Madden

President, Alexandria and District Chamber of Commerce